Hands of Hope Dogs that need extra love and attention.

Below are some recent additions to the Hands of Hope family that are in need of medical attention. Their medical needs vary, but any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

These dogs ARE NOT available for adoption yet.

Once they are available they will be posted with their own page. Please keep in mind that we will not accept any applications on a dog until they are ready for adoption.

We aren't able to save these babies without your continued support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

UPDATE 12/16/19:

Rocko had his leg amputated today, it was basically rotting away. Even on his good leg the foot has injuries and some infection between the toes but we are pretty hopeful that should be okay as it heals. He will be in pain for a while of course, and the next few days depends on him and his willingness to heal and EAT. He has to have calories and nutrition for his cells to heal. Dr. Albertson hand fed him a bowl of food on Saturday and Sunday he did eat well without help. That is only a few good meals before having this surgery, and hopefully he will eat through the pain. No dog deserves what he has been through. I am so angry, bewildered, shocked (yes, I still get shocked how cruel humans can be), and frustrated over what was done to him. We aren't giving up and I am praying Rocko doesn't give up!


Rocko arrived today on emergency transport thanks to Edie Burklund. The minute he got out of the vehicle I could smell the rot and infection in his leg wound. He walked slowly into the vet and let people try to comfort him. His owners left him at the OKC shelter because they stated they could not afford the vet bill for the leg. Apparently food was hard to come by also as you can count every rib he has along with his spine and hip bones. The pain had to be unreal. Through it all he never lifted a lip, rumbled a growl or even a yelp. He was confused you could tell, but still docile and sweet. Wellspring Animal Hospital was awesome, and doctor took him back and did bloodwork, wound cleaning, etc. His feeling and ours is that it should be amputated. It would be months and months of healing, would repair, bandaging, and often times setbacks with little guarantee he would still keep his leg. On exam, even his other foot had wounds but they have already begun to heal. The hell this dog has sat through for who knows how long is heartbreaking. Rocko could use some prayers, and a little help with his vet bill if a dollar or so is able to be spared. Welcome to Hands of Hope Rescue Rocko, we promise you won’t hurt like that ever again.

Sweet boy Schwinn has a skin allergy that we are still trying to get under control. Itchy or not, he is absolutely adorable.

Little Abner here is HW positive, but with a new treatment protocol he can continue his treatments at home with his new family for Christmas.

Bailey is another one of our HOHR dogs that is HW positive and being treated with a new treatment protocol. Bailey isn't up for adoption yet. 


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