Hands of Hope Dogs that need extra love and attention.

Below are some recent additions to the Hands of Hope family that are in need of medical attention. Their medical needs vary, but any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

These dogs ARE NOT available for adoption yet.

Once they are available they will be posted with their own page. Please keep in mind that we will not accept any applications on a dog until they are ready for adoption.

We aren't able to save these babies without your continued support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Tahlia came to us as an owner surrender after she was diagnosed with having issues in her hips that cause grinding between the bones, leading to pain.  At only a year old, this baby needed surgery on both hips.  We have been monitoring Tahlia while working with our vet at her first hip surgery is scheduled.  This will be a long recovery for this poor girl but she will feel so much better afterwards.  
Schwinn has been with his foster for over a year as his terrible allergies are figured out.  This poor boy had hair loss, red/scaly skin, puffy/swollen eyes, and was absolutely miserable.  We have done allergy testing and medication, as well as trying different foods that will calm his skin.  We still don't have Schwinn fully figured out but we know he is more comfortable now than he was.  
Brock O'Dile

Brock O’dile, a 2 year old male English bulldog. Everyone loves the squishy face of an English Bulldog but not many realize they are one of the most expensive breeds to own due to their extensive medical needs. This was the case with Brock when he was owner surrendered to a shelter for not being able to care for him.

We just received Brock this weekend and are still learning about him. Our best guess is that he had bad allergies (something Bulldogs are prone to) that led to a nasty skin infection. He is in a foster home that has dealt with bulldog allergies before as well as under care of a vet. His treatment will not be cheap and we would appreciate any assistance with his costs!


He is an around 7 year old cocker spaniel that’s owners wanted to put him down because they couldn’t afford his allergy treatments. His vet reached out to us and asked if we would take him.

Skip has been with us a little while now and has improved so much! His foster home describes him as almost perfect! This next week he will be undergoing surgery to removed a mass from his mouth.

Allie Gator

Our most extreme medical need currently is Allie Gator. We just took this 4 year old, English Bulldog in as an owner surrender. As we stated on Brock’s post, English Bulldogs are extremely expensive to own! This girl needs the full Bulldog makeover!

She has been to a vet and her medical needs are long! She has entropian eyelids needing fixed. It appears they were fixed previously by removing the tear duct and causing her eyes to become dry and itchy. So far drops seem to be helping them a ton however we are working with our vets to understand if a surgery is necessary to take some salivary glands and insert them in her eyes so she will essentially “drool” into her eyes.

She also has a mammary infection that we have started her on antibiotics for but also will be submitting a sample to ensure it’s nothing more. She has a umbilical hernia needing fixed. She has allergies (again something Bulldogs are very prone to) causing interdigital cysts(allergy meds and epsom salt soaks should clear up).

Bulldogs were bred to have a squishy face that often leads to breathing issues. This can lead to an elongated soft palate. It can also lead to their noses not being open enough to allow proper air flow necessitating stenotic nare surgery. Gator needs both.

Finally, Gator also needs a dental. She has several broken teeth as well as many worn down to the gum that will require several extractions.

Due to Bulldogs issues, it is dangerous to keep them under anesthesia for too long. We have been advised that she cannot have all of these issues fixed at one time so she will undergo multiple surgeries. Even with our amazing vet partners, this will cost thousands of dollars.