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As of January 23, 2023 Hands of Hope Rescue is back in operation with a few changes!


*We are going to stay located in Kansas only at this time. 


*Monetary donations are preferred since our fosters are scattered. It is easier to buy supplies rather than transport them across state. It saves time and gas for volunteers. We of course will accept any donation and appreciate every single donation we get!

*If you are wanting to owner surrender your dog, please fill out the form to request. Owner WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for getting the dog to the foster. We take on a lot of responsibility so we feel it is not too much to ask that you transport you pet to us. (We do understand there will be exceptions to this.)

Please also note we are limited in what we can take in. Fosters open their homes to these animals and they decide what works best with their home environment. 

*We prefer emails over calls as almost all of us work day jobs and cannot always answer our phones. Please email for any questions or comments.

I want to personally thank you for your support of Hands of Hope over the last ten years. We could not do this without donations and volunteers. We all know, times are hard and many dogs are becoming homeless every day. We will do our small part to help find new homes for these precious lives! 

Thank you and may God give his Grace and Blessings to all of you. 

Who is behind Hands of Hope?

Founder and President:

RaShann Southard

Board members:

Julie Mohn - Secretary

Stephanie Vohs - Board Member


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